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Gened Trading is a trading Company specialised in the business of wet salted Cow Headskins and others foodstuff like tomato paste, rice, spaghetti…

Created in 2016, Gened Trading is a registered company in TOGO, west africa and we import from Europe and Asia and we sell our products accross the west africa countries.

Our Vision is to become, in west africa, the leader in the business of cow and bull headskins, wet salted cattle skins and the business of others foodstuffs like tomato paste, rice, spaghetti…

Our Services

Wet salted Cattle headskins

With our strong partnership with some big slaughterhouses and traders in Europe, we can provide you wet salted cow or bull or veal head skins from many Europeans countries like Germany, France, Ireland, Italia, Turkey…


In partnership with manufacturers and millers from Asia countries, we can supply to you the best quality and price of Tomato paste, rice, spaghetti….

Trimmings, Cow Hides and Skins

Our business partners across Europe and Africa can provide you both trimmings and top cow hides and skins

Our Skin Produts by Country of Origin

We get most our products from the Netherland, Ireland and Italy


Some homemade videos introducing our products

(Wet Salted Cattle Head Skin

Cow Hides and Skins


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  • Wet salted Headpieces
  • Wet salted cow headskins from Ireland, weights : 2-6 kgs
  • Wet salted cow/bull headskins from Turkey, weights : 2-6 kgs
  • Wet salted bull headskins from France, weights : 4-6 kgs
  • Australian wet salted cow headpieces, weihts : 3-5 kgs
  • Trimmings, Hides and skins
  • Cow skins
  • bull skins
  • Goat skins
  • Italian trimmings, 0.3-0.8kgs
  • Food
  • Tomato paste
  • Spaghetti
  • Rice
  • White rice

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We are located in Lome, Togo. You can reach us by phone or just fill out the contact form bellow and one of our Customer Service Rep will get back to you as soon as possible

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+228 90 36 43 62
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